“Rewriting History… Her Story”

Who you are

You are a creative youth between the ages of 12-18, who yearns to see better representation reflected in the world we live in and aspires to play a part in shaping the narrative of our future. You are excited by the chance to re-tell the story of an underrepresented leader in history!

What you’ll do

You (and up to 2 friends!) will put together and submit a creative work inspired by the stories of real life role models that fit within the year’s theme. The theme in 2019 is “Re-Writing History… Her Story”, so tell the story of remarkable girl/woman who has shaped the world as we know it.

What you’ll get

Dedicated one-on-one office hour sessions with our expert mentors to craft your submission, a chance to win up to $2,500 in cash prizing, a prestigious summer internship, and a feature exhibition at our annual Showcase Conference in the Spring.


Feb 15th 2019


Early bird proposals: Get access to mentors and special resourcing!

  1. Tell us about you (or your team) in a few lines

  2. Pick an inspiring story to re-tell in your own words (here are some ideas!)

  3. Make a short video to demonstrate why we should pick you

Mar 31st 2019


General submissions

  1. Create a plan for your creative work

  2. Refine your submissions with your team and your expert mentors (if you submit by the early bird deadline)

  3. Submit your creative work about a remarkable girl/woman who has shaped the world as we know it, in a way it hasn’t been told before in one of our three categories

    1. Multimedia (short film, documentary, photography, etc)

    2. Performance (spoken word, music, dance)

    3. Freeform (your chance to be creative! Think interactive submissions, apps/technological submissions - the sky’s the limit!)

May 7th 2019


National showcase

  1. Hear from inspiring changemakers who have moved the needle in their respective industries

  2. Be inspired by the works of our semi-finalists

  3. Find out the winners of WE REPRESENT CREATIVE COMPETITION 2019!