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Representation Matters.

When you see someone who looks like you, it reveals what is possible. Suddenly, becoming a prime minister, a CEO, a visionary artist, a professional athlete, a leader - all become much more real.

A shift of the tides has occurred in the years of late - there’s been an awakening across every industry:

A diverse, and representative group of people are inherently more likely to succeed. 

By supporting us, you’re making a statement that Canada can be a leader in the global diversity conversation, by lifting up our youth and giving them new opportunities.


Partner With Us

Our Partners share our commitment to standing with today's youth, and pledging that we will work together to create corporations, governments, startups, artistic excellence, and every facet of society in between, that represents the world we all walk through.

As a WE REPRESENT Partner, you join our growing community of individuals, corporations and foundations dedicated to propelling Canadian youth forward. The deeper the engagement, the greater the impact we can make together.