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Our Mission

We believe in a future where young people of all races, genders, and background see themselves as leaders in any industry. 


Our Core Values

1) People helping people

We believe in empowering all types of people and creating authentic connections

2) If you can see it, you can be it:

Real models and role models to showcase opportunities and open the eyes of a generation

3) Levelling the playing field

We’re bridging the gap between talent and opportunity

4) Unconventional Learning 

Think big, have fun - Art and science aren't mutually exclusive.

5) Shifting mindset

Stories have the power to change mindset

Our Team

Jamila_Headshot (1).JPG

Tricia Jose 


Tricia is a Next 36 alumni and previously founded a fin-tech startup. She recently launched company at RBC Ventures called Arrive - a platform to guide newcomers to Canada. In her spare time, she started a non-profit musical that has raised over $250k, and is passionate about dance and music. 


Sonia Sidhu


Sonia is a Next 36 alumni and previously founded an e-commerce startup. She currently works on the product team at RBC Ventures. In her spare time, Sonia has a passion for writing and film. 


Jamila Hu

Director of Operations

Jamila is a financial consultant for mergers and acquisitions at PwC and is working towards becoming a chartered professional accountant. In her space time, Jamila has a passion for yoga, travelling and cooking for her friends and family. 


Mikey Jose


Mikey is pursuing his studies at UBC in Cognitive Systems, and pursues music production as his true passion. Mikey wrote 12 original songs for a non-profit musical when he was only 16 - and raised over $250k and counting.