Why Representation?

We asked ourselves, 

"Why is that there are so few female
entrepreneurs and leaders across all

To understand this, we looked at the numbers: 

  • Women make up only 5% of all CEO's and founders of tech companies in Canada

  • Only 10% of graduate degrees earned by women are in STEM fields, compared to 24% of graduate degrees earned by men


We hear a lot about the gender gap, but what about the mindset gaps that young underrepresented groups face?

How do we fix the problem at the top of the pipeline?


Representation Matters.

When you see someone who looks like you, it reveals what is possible. Suddenly, becoming a prime minister, a CEO, a visionary artist, a professional athlete, a leader - all become much more real.

A shift of the tides

THERE'S BEEN AN AWAKENING ACROSS THE BOARD - Numerous initiatives, movements, and people have sprung up over the past few years. organizations are all taking note of one resounding truth:

A diverse, and representative group of people are inherently more likely to succeed. 

We believe all forms of media and content we consume is going through a fundamental paradigm shift for the better. The world is understanding, more and more, that diverse storytelling is valuable and is simply better business. 

In Hollywood:

In Politics: